Fire Evacuation Policy

Smoke detectors are fitted and are regularly tested and maintained.

We have access to a Fire Extinguisher and a fire blanket located in the kitchen. The Extinguisher would only be used if a fire were preventing escape from the building.

If a smoke detector sounds, or a fire is detected, the priority is to evacuate the children from the building using the following procedure.

Stay calm and keep the children calm.

Gather the children together; any child that is unable to walk will be carried to the group.

As a group we will make our way to the nearest SAFE exit (any child unable to walk will be carried).

We will wait until everyone is safely out of the building and will dial 999 using a mobile or cordless telephone.

Once we are all out of the property we will stand away from it until emergency services have arrived

Priority will also be taken into ensuring that escape routes are kept free from trip hazards. 

Parents or their emergency contacts would be called as soon as practical to arrange collection of the children and if necessary we would take refuge in a close by family or friend’s home until collection is possible.

We have a FIRE ESCAPE PLAN in place and we also carry out random fire drills with the children so that if a REAL fire did occur the children wouldn’t panic. We would carry out the same procedure as above and we practice our fire drill regularly. 

In addition to this we have had the fire brigade come out and perform a fire safety check and give advice on our home.

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